Bio C Vitamin C Alpha+Zinc



Collagen Powder from fish, LA – City Tech’s High doses chloride, vitamin C, coenzyme Q, a substance extracted from tomato extract, grape seed, alpha lipoic. C, vitamin E, vitamin C has the effect of an anti oxidant Oxford. Can prevent cell damage from free radicals as well. It also helps strengthen the immune system. Such as anti-allergy The wounds heal faster Scars fade


If you pair with glutathione. Whites make up It will help in the absorption better.

Product Feature:

– White shine spectacular new formula extracts the full !!!

– Wide Clear Bright see instant results …

– With the combination of vitamin C, tomatoes, grape and many core components that helps skin whitening.

– With anti-oxidants Reduce Allergy Symptoms

– Slowing down the aging.

– Smooth skin

– Acne / anti-aging.


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