Susan Chanel Skin Beauty Line was initiated as a means to an end for African Women Skin Disorder. The average African skin is posed to different disorders and imperfection due to the nature of our weather, poor diet, poor skin care routine and the quest for perfection with the wrong skin product containing harsh chemicals that causes damage to the skin.

Susan is a graduate of psychology from the prestigious University of Lagos, her quest and passion for the beauty and well-being prompted her to start her skin care line, to restore confidence and beauty in African women.

At Susan Chanel Skin care we are not only interested in making African Women beautiful, we are here to restore the confidence and pride in African women. As we all know the skin is the largest and most fragile organ of the body and should be treated with so much care and attention. A beautiful, glowing and flawless skin is the true beauty of a lady.

At Susan Chanel we stock all range of Feminine Beauty well being, for that beautiful skin you truly desire and wish for and repair and restoration of damaged skin. Our entire Product at Susan Chanel Beauty Home is 100% HERBAL, Yes!!! We Repeat 100% HERBAL, No side effects, allergies, reactions, sun burn, stretch marks, dark knuckles, etc. Our Products range from, Body Oils, Sea Salt Scrubs, Body Lotions, Herbal Bar soap, Liquid soaps, Facial Cleansers, Massage Sponges, Anti ageing product, Acne Treatment package, Face Masks etc. Asides the Skin we also stock herbal Teas and Capsules for feminine well being and Wholeness. These herbal Teas and Capsules are 100% Herbal, made from pure roots.